Warrior's Lava Stone Bracelet


Warrior's Lava Stone Bracelet
Rose Gold

Greeting gentlemen we offer you a quality introductory bracelet for aspiring gentlemen. The luxurious Warrior's Lava Stone Bracelet is perfect for the soldier in you. This bracelet is a must have complimentary accessory for men of style.


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Honestly we make no revenue from selling this item.We want my TopShelfGoods readers to look their best and sharp.

We wanted to offer a quality introductory bracelet for you aspiring gentlemen! 

Whether your new or a seasoned veteran in the men's wrist accessory department this bracelet is suited for you.


Warrior Bracelet



  • Material: Cubic Zirconia, 8mm Stone Beads
  • Metal type: Copper
  • Bracelet length: 18 - 20cm

Helmet Color

  • Gold, Silver, Black, Rose Gold


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Due to recent high-demand, please allow your order to arrive in U.S. 12 - 20 days.

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