James Bond, men want to be him and women want to be with him.

What is it about bond that makes him so damn cool?

What separates James Bond from all the rest?

What is the essence of cool?

We all want to be cool, but do we have what it takes?


Yes being cool is having style, charm, and confidence, but it's also much deeper than that.

You can learn all the steps it takes to be cool and still come across as a poser. The art of being truly cool is something you can't fake and instead must earn.


In this article I highlight what makes Bond cool and talk about how to emulate bond and bring some of his coolness into your life.


1) Have Style

Always move in one direction, forward. Be the best dressed and watch necks snap when you enter a room. Ditch the t-shirts, suit up. Ditch the sneakers, rock leather lace ups. Add style to your wrist, give her an excuse to ask you what time it is.


2) Dominate Social Settings

Network and shake hands with the alphas, introduce yourself and whoever is accompanying you. When you speak people listen. Be genuinely interested in others and they will be interested in you. Don't be that guy passing out business cards, let them come to you. Guaranteed eventually someone will ask, "What do you do?" and just say, "I make money moves." 


3) Attract Quality Women

Lead and be confident, quality women do not want to be with a boy that doesn't even know what he wants. Women are attracted to leaders with a purpose. Flirt, carry a conversation and connect with her. Then watch women look at you with "Fuck Me" eyes, because they know you're a capable man of action. View woman as meaningful pursuits and not objects of pleasure and watch them open up to you.


4) Demonstrate Your Unique Set of Skills

James Bond is effortless good at damn near everything. He can race sports cars, fly helicopters, assemble rifles, play professional poker, seduce women, the list goes on. Be capable and master your craft. While James Bond is a fictional character in a movie, all of us can dedicate our lives to become the best at something. Embrace the world as your teacher and learn from everyone.


5) Commit To Hard Work

Most people procrastinate and avoid difficult situation. Do the opposite, dive head first into what scares you and you'll end up surprising yourself. Doing what others won't will set you apart from the rest. Embrace a "let's get shit done" attitude. Eventually tasks that were once hard will be effortless.


6) Stand Your Ground

Could you imagine James Bond flinching? I can't.

7) Mean What You Say

If you don't mean it don't say it. When you say something mean it.


8) Stand By Your Beliefs

If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything. People who flip-flop on their opinions are distrustful, because they don't even trust themselves. In a world that is constantly trying to change you, be yourself.


9) Do What You Say

Ideas are pawns, execution is king. Words are wind without action. People will question you're integrity if you don't follow through.


Implement this James Bond mindset and I swear they will be calling you up to replace Daniel Craig.


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To your success,