Young Man Suit


This goes is for all the young men out there making style mistakes.

Yes I was once you, so I know how it is.

For whatever reason a male figure in your life never explained why it matters to tuck in your dress shirt. I'm going to address these issues and provide you with style solutions.

So that you can dress with purpose.

You might not even notice you're making these style mistakes, but us older gents do notice. So if you aspire to be taking seriously by older men, listen up.


Spending Too Much On Trendy Items

Trendy items are a fools game. Go for classic dress shirts, suits and jeans that are timeless.

There is a trend circling around right now; sleeveless hoodies. I shit you not, they so these kooks are wearing these out in the rain and their heads are dry but their for-arms are wet, what is the point? Don't buy this trash.

If you do buy it a couple months later you'll get some sense in your head and never wore those items again. Stick to the classics and you'll get your moneys worth.


Not Being Able To Tie A Tie

Every young man should be able to tie a tie. There are two tie knots you need to learn the 'Four-In-Hand' and the 'Windsor'.

Four in Hand Knot


Extra Long Pants

When your pants are so long that they puddle around your ankles it appears like you shrunk in size. Get your pants hemmed or simply buy the right length.

A 'slight break' is a common popular pant length. This means the pants stop right as the touch the top of your shoes. 


Being Underdressed

Young men are always underdressed. There's no social pressure these days to put on a collared t-shirt and slacks. I'm telling you just do it and start positive style behavior now while your young.

At my office there are young adults who wear shorts and sandals to work. While this is allowed and completely fine, everyone subconsciously views these people as slackers. That's just what it is, and people will subconsciously view those who dress with purpose as more alpha, confident and skillful. 

So put yourself above your colleagues by taking your style seriously.


Poor Use Of Style Accessories 

Browse the gentlemen's collection and select an accessories that makes you stand out above the crowd.


Poor Grooming Habits

These are the basics, get the basics down then tackle the advanced shit. You can't expect to take over the world or build a multi-million dollar business if you don't brush your teeth, and are properly groomed. 

Those goes along with practicing good hygiene as well.

If you just do these basics you'll be a notch above 50% of other men out there.


Not Capitalizing On Right Now 

When I was a teen I wasted many days goofing of with friends not building my skills and investing in myself. Now I will never get that time back.

Make the decision to become a professional now, don't wait.

The time is now to grow up, not tomorrow, no in a week or when you feel like it. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. You gotta live everyday like it's your last because it just might be true.


Cheers to your success gentlemen.