James Bond Suit

💥 Dress To Impress, Suit Up Like Bond.

Here are some style accessories & tips to get YOU looking sharp! These style accessories tips will put you a notch above the rest, and ensure you dominate any room.

All these accessories I stand by as quality products. I'm not an affiliate with the amazon products or the other brands I recommend in this post. I genuinely think these are just great products, that every modern man should have in his arsenal.


Metal Collar Stays

These will make your dress collar stand up sharp and crisp at all times.

Amazon has affordable Magnetic Metal Collar Stays

Make sure you get the ones with the magnets, to keep your collar looking sharp...


Pocket Square

My favorite pocket squares are 100% silk hand rolled from Rampley & Co.

They have very sophisticated pocket square designs.

Their Fall of Pantheon pocket square features the ancient Greek myth of Phaeton.

Rubens depicts the myth at the height of its action, with thunderbolts being hurled by Zeus...


A Gentlemen's Timepiece

An affordable watch is better than a bare wrist. TopShelfGoods has elegant silver and gold timepieces for gentlemen.

"Add some style to your wrist."

"Give her a reason to ask you, 'What time is it?'"

If you have to pull out your phone to you're doing yourself a disservice...


Classy Cigarette Case

Leave your bulky cardboard packages at home, and get a classy metal cigarette case.

There are some one handsome cigarette cases on amazon for around $20.

No more sitting on your cigarettes and breaking them.

The ladies will complement you on your sophisticated style...





Dress Shoes

I've seen so many gents cruising round Vegas for their first time who get the slacks and jacket right, but then they're still wearing their VANS. Invest in yourself and get leather dress shoes.

Many studies have shown that one of the first thing women notice about you is your shoes.

Aston Grey Dwilia Oxfords are beautiful shoes and affordable, they retail around $65 on their website...


Here's to always looking sharp, gentlemen.