I believe every man must work a restaurant, construction, or landscaping job at least once in their life.

I spent my youth working my ass off at all three of these service/labor jobs.

I always had a plan in place to leave my service/labor jobs behind.

So I actually enjoyed working these jobs and made the most of it.

When you realized that the worked up boss yelling in your face is gonna work the same boring job his whole miserable life.

It puts a smug smirk on one's face.

"A man who is afraid to get his hands dirty can never be a real man."

Restaurant work will teach you how to take an order with a smile and will teach you the value in teamwork.

Landscaping will toughen your grip and build your experience working with awesome gas powered tools.

Construction work hardens your exterior causing you have to dish it out as quick as you get it ( I'll explain more later ).



Adopt A Get Shit Done Attitude

You know what people like? Someone who just gets shit done.

You just sat a party of six at a table, up sold them on better alcohol and now you got a couple minutes to spare.

What do you do? You polish the beer taps, restock some coasters, or you grab a broom and sweep near the front.

Do not shy away from work, confront it head on and stay busy.

The hostess Chatty Kathy asks, "Justin what did you do this weekend?"

You respond, "Went to a private party." Wink.

Kathy pouting says, "Where was my invite?"

"Must of misplaced it. We can talk about how I might take you to the next one later. Right now I gotta handle that party of six in the back."

Keep it moving. There's only time for money when you're on the clock.

When you adopt a get shit done attitude your coworkers will respect the hustle and you'll be admired.



Develop A Tough Exterior

Construction strength will give you a different type of muscle density that not even lifting weights can do.

You think you’re strong? Go carry a half dozen metal doors up thirty stories and then we’ll talk.

Having grown up in a family that owned a construction company, "Estrada Hardware." I new a few things about being on a job site.

Rule 1 don't complain about anything in front of the shift leaders, cause then they'll just give you the most difficult jobs.

I once saw a new guy complain about unloading doors and he was then given that same job all week. Incidetally causing him to quit early on.

The shift leaders aim to weed out the weak people first.


Rule 2 of working construction never show up to work with brand new boots. It labels you a rookie and your coworkers will hassle you incessantly.

On a construction site it's kill or be killed.

Nothing is off limits, your race, age, mom jokes, and funny looking face is all fair game. Anything goes.

And if you have a sensitive side, get the fuck rid of it. It will only hold you back in life.

On a construction site you can't take any insult personally. In fact, you gotta insult those sonofbitches back or they will incessantly pick on you.

Do yourself a favor and get a construction job and build your mental and physical strength.

If Clint Eastwood wasn’t too good to dig ditches before he became famous, then I’m sure you can handle it too and he’s the definition of tough.

After a good week working construction you'll be as tough as nails and won't even need to hit the gym.



Make The Most Of It

Treat it as an experience, stay optimistic.

If you plan your life out right chances are you won't be working a service/labor job forever.

Stick to your plan so you don't end up like those thirty something year old restaurant servers constantly bitching about their monotonous lives.

So while you're there have fun, make friends, and realize it's only temporary.

Trust me you're in the top echelon of men, simply because you're reading this blog in the pursuit of improving your life.

I left my landscaping days in the past.

I said "fuck you" to my construction jobs.

And I got out of the restaurant industry quick-style and you will too.



The Day You Land Your Dream Job

As long as you continually aspire to become a man of value, influence and action you will one day land your dream job.

Whether that dream is a desk job, where you work for yourself or someone else.

You will achieve your dream and look back on your labor job days with a nostalgia, because you made an honest living working a labor job.

Hustling your ass off for minimum wage will give you a refined appreciation for the finer things.

All the fine dining, liquor and woman will taste sweeter because you fucking earned it.

Opposed to that rich kid who was given everything never appreciating what they have because they've never been without it.

Your superior mental and physical strengths will aid you in conquering your lesser more privileged opponents.


Unwind After A Solid Day's Work

Open up your liquor cabinet, grab a bottle of something dark (I prefer Jamison or Glenfiddich), grab your TopShelf crystal drinkware and pour yourself a drink.

Enjoy 10% OFF your entire order with discount code: DIRTYHANDS10, because you deserve it.

And remember, "A man who is afraid to get his hands dirty can never be a real man."

Cheers to your success gentlemen!